Highly recommended to read and keep it for reference

Very remarkable book regarding the hype of digital technology, presenting how the digital technology usage is changing rapidly our society
The writer describes basic concepts and very complex understanding about digital evolution as well and how they are affecting our ordinary life. Mr Corey has spent many hours digging deep in all the sources mentioned at the end of the book. It was a thorough research in this broad area.
The book has valuable information for beginners and it will be involving experts as well. He explains in deep the main knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and its impact in our society.
He made several comparisons using movies to develope better insights on the automation subjec. (Blade Runner, Terminator, Ex Machina and etc).
His narrative on how he has got involved in computer technology is exciting, brilliant, intriguing and passionate as well. I really love that part.
Very complex the way he connected cognitive human beings process to explain artificial intelligence on Chapter 2 and 3 , the narrative is vey lengthy.
The writer put a lot of effort to draw the dots among incomprehensible way of the human behaviors and their relation with mathematic algorithms used in computers.
The last chapter brings a hope showing that with automation, the whole human beings society get benefits, by reducing the share of poverty in the World.
As I live in Brazil, where more than 40% of population live below the poverty line, I can see automation and the using of Artificial Intelligence creating more disparities and concentrating the wealth into few people. Technology is expensive and it is not for all.
I strongly recommend the purchase of this book. It will help you to keep it as a reference when you need to debate the course of automation in your friend as well as in your professional circles.