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You’ve taken your first step on one amazing journey and you will be ahead of the game

Welcome to tomorrow is a very well written introduction for newcomers addressing technology’s positive and negative impacts head on and reinforcing these topics with 50 free flash cards using imagery and bite-sized insights into the topics. One of the pleasures of reading this book is getting the latest thinking about how our minds work first… Read full review “You’ve taken your first step on one amazing journey and you will be ahead of the game”

Theresa E. Grant

A whirlwind tour through modern technology

From television cables to cognitive science to artificial intelligence, it’s hard to find a technology or innovation that escapes Corey Preston’s curiosity and attention in this wide-ranging examination of the modern world.

Anne Janzer

Highly recommended to read and keep it for reference

Very remarkable book regarding the hype of digital technology, presenting how the digital technology usage is changing rapidly our society The writer describes basic concepts and very complex understanding about digital evolution as well and how they are affecting our ordinary life. Mr Corey has spent many hours digging deep in all the sources mentioned… Read full review “Highly recommended to read and keep it for reference”

Marcos Guimaraes

Casual talk on technology everywhere

Imagine you are having a beer with an expert on technology, say his name is Corey. You just did a big mistake saying: I’m not a big fan of computers! Poor you. You just unleashed a beast ready to change your opinion on information technology. He starts from very basic concepts, like bits and bytes,… Read full review “Casual talk on technology everywhere”

Roberto Rigolin Ferreira Lopes

Great book. Very readable and informative

Great book. Very readable and informative. Author tackle fundamental things about technology in an amusing and smart way. If you’re interested in all about technology you definitely should read it.


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