Halloween Update on Welcome to Tomorrow

Happy Halloween Ghouls & Boyles! Part of the fun of every Halloween season is the unbridled excitement that comes with celebrating the season. Having grown up in rural New York, the shared love spooky or haunted places are a part of the cultural DNA, everyone is compelled to participate. From haunted houses to hay rides, central New York never came so …

What I learned from launching my first book

In case you hadn't heard, exciting news first, my first book is launched! Here is the link to learn more about Welcome to Tomorrow: a beginner's guide to technology. I want to share my hard earned insights from taking a year off to work full time on writing and self publishing this book. If you see a hyperlinked text below, its a gif, not a trap. Before we get into all of that please allow me to talk about why I wrote this book and what I'm attempting to accomplish.