The Day You Run From a Wildfire (a mostly visual essay)

Moving to the Bay Area from NY to get married and start a family this past spring has led to the best summer of my life. Ashley and I were launched into west coast life via cross-country drive with our pooch companion, a rescue named Indy. As an aside, I’d heartily recommend to anyone who has ever had even an inkling of a nomadic wandering to pursue it. One of the reasons for this personal fulfillment has been because my wife Ashley and I have finally been able to help out on the family owned vineyard. Being from deep country myself, I spent much of my youth on farms. The process of farming grapes provides ample zen like activities, such as walking the rows and tucking the vines but are contrasted with lots of physical labor, especially when in search of a statewide problem of not having enough water.

Net Neutrality: What it means for Ad Tech

"Today is an irrefutable reflection of the principle that no one, whether government or corporate, should control free and open access to the internet.” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Ring the bells, sound the horns - we have achieved Net Neutrality! All cats and kittens may at their unending leisure rest easy, knowing their videos will be delighting viewers sans buffering screens. With that said, we should begin to collectively look forward to what practical fruits net neutrality will come to bear.

The Internet of Advertising: A Call to Thumbs

In this moment, we are in the beginning stages of what Intel’s Andrew Grove once referred to as a “10X force” being applied to digital advertising. A 10X force can be described as an external set of foundational factors applied to a business causing a industry wide tectonic shift. For Mr. Grove and Intel it was the arrival of the personal computer, for advertising its the opportunity to tie all digital screens together, bringing our very own 10x force into existence, known as The Internet of Things.