Avoid these easy mistakes when building your first website

(This post uses animated gifs as punctuation, click links to open gifs in a new tab) “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  – Chinese Proverb Amen chinese proverb, you nailed it! Though I'd suggest one small adjustment, replace the word with "tree" with "website." Getting …

What I learned from launching my first book

In case you hadn't heard, exciting news first, my first book is launched! Here is the link to learn more about Welcome to Tomorrow: a beginner's guide to technology. I want to share my hard earned insights from taking a year off to work full time on writing and self publishing this book. If you see a hyperlinked text below, its a gif, not a trap. Before we get into all of that please allow me to talk about why I wrote this book and what I'm attempting to accomplish.

Three Essential Steps In Advancing Digital Literacy

Embodying digital literacy, is an ongoing effort to understand our rapidly interlocking worlds.

The challenges facing our collective civilizations are severe, and yet where technology is concerned, our interactions with technology are limited. I see a growing divide between those inside the technology industry and those outside of the industry. This divide is exacerbated by tech operating inside of a black box hidden behind seemingly obscure terminology and …

The Day You Run From a Wildfire (a mostly visual essay)

Moving to the Bay Area from NY to get married and start a family this past spring has led to the best summer of my life. Ashley and I were launched into west coast life via cross-country drive with our pooch companion, a rescue named Indy. As an aside, I’d heartily recommend to anyone who has ever had even an inkling of a nomadic wandering to pursue it. One of the reasons for this personal fulfillment has been because my wife Ashley and I have finally been able to help out on the family owned vineyard. Being from deep country myself, I spent much of my youth on farms. The process of farming grapes provides ample zen like activities, such as walking the rows and tucking the vines but are contrasted with lots of physical labor, especially when in search of a statewide problem of not having enough water.