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If you fall into any of the above categories, sit down and buckle in because you’re about to go on the tour of a lifetime! Available in both eBook and print formats, this book is your starting point to a career in technology, learn about both the positive and negative impacts head on. When the topics get dry I help you out by punctuating the content with humor and references from popular culture. Students and pleasure readers alike, will gain the knowledge to be successful today and into tomorrow.

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Whether you’re beginning a new path in your life through a career in tech, or you’re reading for updates on whats new. This book provides clarity to topics such as social media, artificial intelligence and the web. Reinforcing these topics are a series of 50 free flash cards using imagery and bite-sized insights into the topics at hand.  We’ll develop a strong sense of technology’s role in elevating not only your career, but also our collective humanity. Join me by learning to use technology and the web as a tool to seize the opportunity to choose your future.

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