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As you know, my name is Corey Preston and I am a veteran of the digital media industry turned author and technical writer. Throughout my career I have developed a niche in conceptualizing and then, project managing highly interactive and innovative advertising campaigns from dozens of premium brands. As a technology vendor I’ve worked directly with publishers and ad agencies like Vice, Conde Nast and Hearst Media to launch cutting-edge interactive ad campaigns. After completion of my book I’ve been technical writing and web development.

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  • Technical Writing
  • Content writing (Long, Short, Email)
  • Web Development
  • Information Technology
  • Website development and administration
  • Guest speaking

I’m able to write this book because of my ability to demystify complex terminology into practical skill development. My personal mission is to enable others to take the same path toward prosperity that I was able to leverage in building my own career. My professional mission is to consult on projects where I use my expertise to partner with like-minded organizations in forging a better tomorrow for everyone. Whether that is directly or via traditional media consulting, they both keep me moving forward. Feel free to reach out for samples of my writing or campaigns I’m proud to have in my portfolio. Best regards,

Corey Preston

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