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As you know, my name is Corey Preston and I am a veteran of the digital media industry turned author. Throughout my career I have developed a niche in conceptualizing and then, project managing highly interactive and innovative advertising campaigns from thousands of brands. As a technology vendor I’ve work directly with publishers and ad agencies like Vice, Conde Nast and Hearst Media to launch cutting-edge interactive ad campaigns. After completion of my book I’ve been writing strategy and web content for a financial technology product from a Fortune 200 payments provider.

Services Provided –IMG_5642

  • Ad campaign project management
  • Content writing (Long, Short, Email)
  • Social Media
  • Website development and administration
  • SEO
  • Digital business presence
  • Ghost writing
  • Guest speaking
I’m able to write this book because of my ability to demystify complex terminology into practical skill development. My personal mission is to enable others to take the same path toward prosperity that I was able to leverage in building my own career. My professional mission is to consult on projects where I use my expertise to partner with like-minded organizations in forging a better tomorrow for everyone. Whether that is directly or via traditional media consulting, they both keep me moving forward. Feel free to reach out for samples of my writing or campaigns I’m proud to have in my portfolio.
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Corey Preston


Professional Recommendations

For a year and a half, I had the pleasure of working with Corey on a number of different projects while at Adcade. His skillful client management and creative thinking enabled our team to work efficiently and effectively on a variety of ad campaigns. While working on an internal ad-tech tool, Corey’s in-depth industry knowledge… Read more “Pia B.”

Pia Blumenthal
Product Designer @ Facebook

Corey and I had the opportunity to collaborate on many campaign executions. His knowledge of the industry coupled with his tenacious attitude and fresh ideas helped us generate not only new business but bring back clients who were looking to achieve the next best thing. Corey’s dedication helped provide and round out advertising solutions that… Read more “”

Meg Berman
Manager of Destination Marketing @ Hilton

Intelligence, passion & work ethic, those are the most important traits someone can have, personally or professionally. Not only does Corey have those traits in spades, but add to them his vision and leadership and the equation is one of the strongest account management professionals in marketing. Whether it is finding a solution to a… Read more “Lou B.”

Lou Bridda
Senior Director of Sales @ Jivox

Corey was a core member of the founding team at Appsnack. I watched him own campaign launches from pitch to finish and do so with a smile in the most stressful of situations. He is quick on his feet and owns a creative pitch like no other. He is a rare combination of being creative… Read more “Dmitry M.”

Dmitry Mazilo
Business Development @ Google

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with Corey in various capacities. In all situations, Corey has proved himself as a true problem solver. Corey’s habit of always asking questions and looking for more effective ways to move forward with the task at hand forced teammates to act the same.… Read more “Julie F.”

Julie Friedman
Director of Campaign Management @ SEMCasting Inc.

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Corey for over a year at Adcade. When you read about all of his accomplishments on paper, just know you are only getting a fraction of what he brings to the table. This is a man of character, focus, determination, and positivity. But really, I think the most… Read more “Rob L.”

Rob Layton
Founder @ Codebox Systems

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