Growing up a gamer and pop-culture geek in the rural hills of central New York state, I began to recognize the potential for technology to be the game changer it would eventually become. My obsession with gaming extended into learning about the technical details of gaming hardware and software. This passion developed into a solid foundation when during high school I'd enrolled in a specialized two-year course on information technology. We'd studied both the theory and practical aspects of networking, from hardware components to programming industrial Cisco routers. Meanwhile our culture was retreating from the web as a result of the DotCom bust, I'd gained an elevated appreciation for the promise and risk that technology would continue play in our day-to-day lives. 

After a nearly decade long career in digital media, my profesional experience yielded deep insight into the business and technical mechanics behind the web as we know it today. I further specialized in startups that were geared to developing deeply interactive advertising campaigns and educating constituents on the technology in play, I have had a front-row seat to the web since the days of AOL dial up. Now a bay-area resident, I have built my own media consulting firm. It is my mission to further the ideal of digital citizenry by educating people about the technology-enabled solutions building everyone's tomorrow.

"Whether it's videos, articles or memes, the truth of the matter is that advertising dollars speak loudest on the web, and those dollars flow to wherever the users are. Understanding that is the first step on the road to digital literacy and knowing is half the battle."

-Corey Preston