"Whether it's videos, articles or memes, the truth of the matter is that advertising dollars speak loudest on the web, and those dollars flow to wherever the users are. Understanding that is the first step on the road to digital literacy and knowing is half the battle."

-Corey Preston

Corey Preston grew up in the rural hills of central New York state and is the youngest of four brothers who helped guide him through the gaming-fueled technology of the 90s. The stark contrast between the wider world of tech and his modest surroundings drove him to seize every learning opportunity available. At the age of 16, this drove him to a specialized vocational course on information technology. Studying the foundations of networking topology to programming industrial Cisco routers. It was here that he became fascinated with the first DotCom rush and gained an appreciation for the role that technology would play in our day-to-day lives.

Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to participating in the ongoing development of the web culture. In college, he founded a community for open source video game asset sharing for independent developers. Further adventures include co-founding a media review website with childhood friends and brothers, later evolving into a Minecraft community that is still active today. By understanding how to use the internet as a font of unending shared knowledge, Corey has developed a repeating pattern of ravenous self-directed learning.

Later opting into a career in digital media, here his experience yielded deep insight into the business and technical mechanics behind ‘web 2.0.' Further specializing in startups that were geared to developing deeply interactive advertising campaigns and educating constituents on the technology in play, he has had a front-row seat to the web since the days of AOL. It is his passion to educate people about the promise offered by a technology-enabled tomorrow. Since moving from NYC to California, he has dedicated his time to completing this, his debut book, Welcome to Tomorrow: A Beginner's Guide to Technology.