You Need a Website

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese Proverb

Amen chinese proverb, you nailed it! Though I’d suggest one small adjustment, replace the word “tree” with “website.” Getting to the point, whether you’re a job seeker or an independent business owner. If you need clients or customers to survive, then you need a website period. Building a website ensures that when someone searches with a question, your business is there to provide the solution. Building a website is similar to planting a tree, at first the tree is small but over time it grows. Your website needs time and effort to become established as a source of value for users. Below are some of the roadblocks I encountered prior to making this website.

#1 – “The work I’m doing speaks for itself, I don’t need a website.” You do, see above.

#2 – “I’ve got it, I’ll use a simple site builder like Squarespace or Wix Services like Squarespace are great for getting a web presence up and running quickly. The truth is, their tools for SEO (search engine optimization – how accessible your site is to google etc.) leaves a lot to be desired which is core to the discoverability of your business.

#3 –  “Learning how to properly build a website is hard!”  Now this is a legitimate roadblock, let’s spend the rest of the post discussing how practically tackle this challenge.

I am in no way affiliated with the service I’m about to gush about, I just love it. is a service that hosts courses on technology topics. The courses are delivered via videos that are categorized like the the table of contents in a book. You could also think of it as a playlist. I love this because it allows me to hone in on specific topics. An example of the organization of the courses is just to the right. “Yeah, yeah that sounds great and all but how much is this going to cost?” Well friend, that’s the best part – it’s free!

All you need is your local library card, follow the steps in this link by clicking here. Seriously, you don’t need to pay nickel for dozens of high quality courses, from 3D design or digital illustration, photography, software development, the list goes on and on. For me personally, It scratches that curiosity-itch that just so happens to give you the skills you need to make it in this crazy world.

Success seems to come down to timing many times and time is a resource no one ever has enough of.  Full disclosure, I procrastinate way more than I should.  I always tell myself I’ve got a lot of stuff to do,  you know,  stuff. Right now, I’ve got a dirt pile in our back yard that has needed to move for months. I’ll continue to try to be better about these things along with you. Either way, take the time to plant your tree, you’ll thank yourself later.

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