Halloween Update on Welcome to Tomorrow


Happy Halloween Ghouls & Boyles!

Part of the fun of every Halloween season is the unbridled excitement that comes with celebrating the season. Having grown up in rural New York, the shared love spooky or haunted places are a part of the cultural DNA, everyone is compelled to participate. From haunted houses to hay rides, central New York never came so alive as when celebrating the crisp air and emerging shades of autumn. I know there’s a pumpkin spice assault on every edible product under the sun, but damn me to hell if pumpkin spice coffee aint tasty.

Speaking of sweet stuff, here’s three really awesome updates on Welcome to Tomorrow –

#1 – Reviews are in – Welcome to Tomorrow: a beginner’s guide to technology has gained the acclaim of amazon shoppers with an overall 4.5 stars on Amazon! (Link to reviews) Not only is that the beginning of good news for this little book of mine but there are more updates to share too!

#2 – Owen D. Young School Library Donation – My book was donated to my hometown’s  Kindergarten – 12th grade school library by dear family friends Cathy & Dan Collins. The man whom the school is named and founded by was from the area and lead a distinguished life founding RCA as a subsidiary of General Electric. (Link to Wikipedia entry) His views toward technology and the sciences were integral to my own early education and, to be featured in the library I grew up using is deeply honoring to me.

#3 – WTT’s Tomorrow? Buried at the end of this Halloween edition of the Welcome to Tomorrow Newsletter is maybe the most exciting update of all. I’ll just get right to it – Welcome to Tomorrow will be partnering with a non-profit that empowers young adults to raise themselves up from poverty through careers in technology. I can say we’re aiming to kick that off by February of 2018, the partnership is still developing so there will be more information to come. Obviously I’m very excited and honored to be participating in such an endeavor and will share details when they firm up.

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