Welcome to Tomorrow: Today

Available for purchase today, this book represents the beginning and the end of a long journey for myself and writing it has been a personal awakening. I’d like to give special thanks to my editor Shari Angel for helping birth this book.  As I begin to move forward from this auspicious moment, I hope you’ll be able to help out on my next steps.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is Welcome to Tomorrow? If you’re unaware, Welcome to Tomorrow is a non-fiction technology education book written to be as accessible to as many people as possible. I recognize much of the anxiety people feel and express toward technology could be helped via empowering people through education. I use every wit available to add humor to the material and every ounce of sincerity in representing the difficult topics.

Who is this book for?  New STEM students (ages 16+) or those curious yet unsure where to begin their self-education in technology. In the book I speak to the reader as if we were having a fireside chat, my ‘shoot straight with the reader’ writing is where I aim to make a difference in closing the technology literacy gap. The reader does not need to be well versed in technology, I’ve created flash cards that will help enable retention of the material. The graphic below is featured early on and roughly conveys who’d benefit from reading the book.

Where can I get it!? I’ve partnered with Ingram Spark to provide distribution for digital and print on demand services- worldwide! Schools, libraries, indie bookstores, Amazon to Apple the book is available to over 39,000 stores and outlets, links to purchase can be found at the bottom of this email.

Why did you self publish? Creative control and margins on sales, traditional publishing deals heavily favor publishers while still offloading all marketing activities to the author, far from a fair deal. From a big shiny sticker perspective, it would be beneficial to partner with a big named publisher in name only, the rest of the work would still be on my shoulders.

What’s next for you? That’s a great question and the answer is “I dunno”! If I’m able to gain traction with this book, I have several ideas for extending the Welcome to Tomorrow series  into additional editions and entries. For now I’m focused on launching this book and garnering as much attention as possible. (Very) long term, there’s a sci-fi space opera novel on which I’ve been meticulously cultivating notes for a couple years. My growth and experience as a writer will inform how soon that project is delivered.

How can I help? Thanks for asking, you’re a pal! My primary challenge in launching this book is awareness, I’m very proud of the book I’ve written but without people knowing it’s out there, the book cannot help address our society wide issues. please share, tweet, snap them links to my book or website. If you pick up the book and find that you enjoy it, the best way you can help is to leave a review. This will help me to gain credibility with folks that I don’t have the pleasure of personally knowing!

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