The Internet of Advertising: A Call to Thumbs

In this moment, we are in the beginning stages of what Intel’s Andrew Grove once referred to as a “10X force” being applied to digital advertising. A 10X force can be described as an external set of foundational factors applied to a business causing a industry wide tectonic shift. For Mr. Grove and Intel it was the arrival of the personal computer, for advertising its the opportunity to tie all digital screens together, bringing our very own 10x force into existence, known as The Internet of Things.

A tech-infused lifestyle will open a great number of opportunities for advertisers. Realistically the first additions to our lives will be nominal, hokey even. However as adoption advances, we’ll begin to mathematically quantify and log everything we do on any typical day. At first, receiving offers from your local grocery store to your refrigerator’s smart screen will cause consumers to once again classify advertising as an enemy. From privacy concerns, to self involved people bumping into you while looking down at their phones (yeah, you), to tracking your every day heart rate patterns, the naysayers will certainly have enough fuel for dispute. For the optimistic, these are but minor concerns slowing the process towards a brighter future.

The internet of everything holds boundless opportunities for advertisers to present an eloquent vision of their products to consumers. Ad servers and big data companies have empowered us to successfully serve the correct ad to Jane Doe who lives in the pacific northwest and enjoys crafting with her two kids on the weekend. Today dynamic programmatic adserving is adtech’s golden child which will certainly grow to father advertising across The Internet of Things. My only hope is that we set creative guidelines so we’re not surrounded by the ‘Buy Now’ ‘Shop Now’ aesthetics of traditional ads in our own bathrooms. Personally it would be great if one day I can disclose that I work in advertising at a non-work related function without hearing “I hate pop ups!” I think we can agree that we, as marketers, have a reputation to uphold if not improve, and The Internet of Things grants us the opportunity to do so.

The creative possibilities are endless, especially with the added ability to sync consumer technology to a campaign’s creative. As an advertiser like The Home Depot, I would be able to serve an ad that allows users to download the schematics to 3D print a wrench. Uh what? That’s amazing! We could additionally send that schematic back to the user’s personal 3D printer to finish printing the wrench by the time they arrive home. Functionality like this is already being tested by companies like NASA and will be easy to deploy with ad tech advancements such as AdScript – the first scripting API engineered for digital advertising and the next generation of awesome.

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